Each consultant member of the association is committed to the following principles.


  • He only intervenes on missions for which he has sufficient competence.
  • It implements all the means at its disposal to ensure the success of its mission.
  • He respects all of his commitments.
  • To achieve these objectives, he clearly specifies the scope of his intervention.

Respect for the end customer

  • Il se doit d’apporter les solutions qui offrent la meilleure adéquation entre le métier du client et les fonctionnalités du progiciel SAP.


  • He is constantly being trained on the methods and tools recommended by SAP.
  • Maintains knowledge of the latest version of SAP software in their fields of expertise.


  • He wants to build a skills network with the other members of the association. For this, he helps and shares his information when necessary.


  • He imposes a duty of respect on the profession. In doing so, he conforms to the spirit of conviviality of the association.

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